Are You Living Your Brand?

Personal Branding is key to building business opportunities these days. With the Global Mall, how do you get people to stop and walk in your virtual door? If you’ve done a great job of getting YOU and your MESSAGE out in an authentic way via personal branding videos on your site, people will start looking for you!

But you have to ask yourself am I really clear on who I am and what I’m selling or what my message is? Seth Godin talks about the difference between having a few talking points and living your brand:

“Here’s how you know if someone is living the brand, is emotionally connected to the story and is literate and informed–or if they’re just emotionally connected in the moment:

Ask a lot of questions.

Cornel West can talk for hours about race, the Bible or Marx. He knows it cold….”

Read More…

Turn Your Passion into Your Personal Brand

-Tracy Pattin


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