Why Story is Important to Your PERSONAL BRAND

In this crazy information age, with facts, figures and opinions whizzing by our eyeballs every second we’re online, the key to getting your message out to the masses, the way to stand out and to make them remember YOU is through story.

Dr. John Loehr’s (The Power of Story: Rewrite Your Destiny in Business) 2 minute video The Power Of Story shows how important our story is and how it can have a powerful impact on our personal and business life as well as impacting others. He says, “The most important story we will ever tell is our own story.”

Think about a conference or a lecture you attended where the speaker merely shared information with the audience, telling you all about their latest sales technique that will make you lots of money, or their latest business strategy without sharing anything personal about their life. Then think about speakers like Wayne Dyer or Tony Robbins who constantly share slices of their life with the audience. Which speaker will you remember? Which speaker will you be talking about or quoting?

Personal branding is about sharing your story with your audience. When you share your story you’re revealing your real self. And when you’re authentic the audience will connect, relate and even bond with you often wanting to know more about you. This can lead to all kinds of opportunities from new friendships to new business relationships.

Celebrities have been doing this for decades. That’s why they’re “celebrated.” Take a page from someone like Oprah. She is a first name brand. That’s a sign of familiarity as well as huge popularity. Think about it. We know Oprah’s story. How she began. Where she came from. Her struggles. Her successes. We feel like we know her. Like she’s our friend. That’s why so many love her.

Take a movie like “Eat, Pray, Love.” It’s a story about a woman’s inner and outer adventure. Add Julia Roberts to the mix, and you’ve got a winning combination. But that’s why we go to the movies. For story.

So, in this age of the “Global Mall” where everyone can share their message and their products with relative ease because of the internet, think about your personal brand and the story YOU have to tell. Make your story part of that brand.

SizzleCaster Tips:

1. Keep tabs on your stories. Start documenting moments that are funny, poignant and engaging.

2. Ask yourself, “How did I get here?” What lead you to this point in your life is your story. (it can be a great opening for a talk)

3. Pay attention to others’ stories. See how it impacts their brand.

-Tracy Pattin

SizzleCaster.com. Turn your Passion into your Personal Brand.


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