First Step! Build Your Personal Brand with a Blog

As my “Go-To-Super Geek” Douglas E. Welch said in our video cast Turn Your Passion into Your Personal Brand, “The first step to building your brand is to get a blog.” It’s the most immediate way to get started and a great way to develop your voice, your style, your web presence. Having a blog is key to brand building, but then you’ll want people to read it! New Media Marketing Expert Chris Brogan writes about how to distribute your blog content.

-Tracy Pattin

New Media Marketing Expert, Chris Brogan has this to say about getting your blog out there to the masses:

Distribution Points for Your Blog

“I currently share my blog in 3 main places: LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook. In each case, they are shared differently.

In LinkedIn, I have the WordPress for LinkedIn connection, so that imports my blog in a simple, clean way into the regular fabric of LinkedIn. If I really need traction on a post, I might share it again in my network updates, but I try to use that very sparingly. LinkedIn doesn’t really like a lot of link promotion.” Read more of Chris Brogan’s blog on Distribution.

SizzleCaster Tip:  Start a blog. I use Tumblr is another popular blog platform. And they’re free ( is free, requires a web designer).

Learn How to Turn Your Passion into Your Personal Brand


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