Ready to Get Your PERSONAL BRAND Out There? Some Basic Steps

You’re ready to Turn Your Passion Into Your Personal Brand. NOW WHAT? It’s time to let everyone else know too. New Media maverick, Chris Brogan, gives a step by step process to getting started with your business, endeavor, your dream on the web.

-Tracy Pattin

Here’s an excerpt from his blog piece, How To Put Your Small Business On The Web:

“If you’re a business of one like a consultant, or a smaller business looking to grow your presence, there are some basic steps you might take towards getting yourself into place on the web. In this example, I’ll assume that you have nothing and are starting from scratch, and I’ll list out steps I’d consider taking in order.”

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SizzleCaster Tip: Take small steps like the ones above to get your Personal Brand out there to the masses. A name is key (Your URL) then the blog. It will energize you and help develop your voice (a.k.a. Your Personal Brand).

Click Here To:  Find Out How To Turn Your Passion into Your Personal Brand


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