Personal Branding = Attitude. What’s YOUR attitude?

This blog piece below by Seth Godin on price and attitude got me thinking about attitude and personal branding. When you’re trying to define who you are and what your personal brand is, think about your attitude. Ask yourself, “How do I feel about myself? About what service I’m offering? About what product I’m selling? About my message?

And while you’re at it…What are YOU worth? What’s YOUR price?

-Tracy Pattin

Seth Godin sums it up in this piece about the 99 Cent Store brand:

Sometimes, price is an attitude

Passed a store the other day. The sign read 99 CENTS! And the subtitle was, “Everything $1 and up”.

The 99 cent store was never popular because there’s some magical power about the price that is a penny less than a dollar. No, it’s because it represents an attitude read more


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