A Great Way to Stand Out and Be Heard. Building Your Personal Brand.

The emerging buzz phrase of the new decade (and new millenium!) is Personal Branding. With the huge influx of information permeating our digital lives, we need to find ways to stand out and be seen and heard. Your brand is essential now and a great way to get heard is to start narrating your blogs. This is different than a podcast, it’s narrating the existing text you have in your blog piece to give your audience the option to LISTEN INSTEAD. It’s different (most people do one or the other) and it personalizes your brand and your blog posts adding a more human touch. They get to meet you by hearing you. This gives a lasting impression. If you don’t want to narrate the blogs yourself, you can have someone do that for you. As a professional voice actor, I am able to bring in that skill to my personal brand. But you don’t have to be a voice actor to do your own narrating.

I produce and narrate my audio blogs on my Sizzle in the Middle.com blog site. Here’s a blog piece I narrated. Notice the player icon at the top and the words, “Click here to LISTEN INSTEAD.”  Life’s Little Midlife Adventures. AHA Moment at Trader Joe’s.

SizzleCaster Tip: Start narrating some of your blogs. You DON’T need a recording studio. I narrate my blogs with my remote recorder.  Find a quiet carpeted place or go into your closet to record. If you don’t want to attempt this yourself (it can be very time consuming and involved) hire someone to direct you and to produce your pieces, someone who has a good remote recorder and editing skills. If you don’t want to use your voice, bring in a professional narrator. Make sure the sound quality is good and the piece properly edited, ideally with intro and outro music.

Click Here to Turn Your Passion into Your Personal Brand

-Tracy Pattin


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