Transparency and Personal Branding

Personal Branding is about being authentic, showing more of who you are, your real self, instead of showy, slick, marketing strategies that make people raise an eyebrow unsure if you are…truthful…i.e. transparent. Seems just as Social Media Marketing is the new marketing of the decade, transparency is required to be embedded in this new way of doing business.

-Tracy Pattin

Here’s an excerpt from Transparency Era: 10 Reasons This Is A Positive For Business

So, here we are 2009 and the buzz word “social media” is transitioning to a new yet related word, transparency”. Five months ago I was reading predictions for social media that stated 2009 would be the year that businesses embrace social media as a viable form of marketing. Well, not even half way into the year, that prediction rings very true. Businesses, small and large, are jumping on this wave and why wouldn’t they? This is the information age after all and with the Gen Y’ers being so digitally savvy businesses would be foolish to look past this huge opportunity. Read more…

Click Here to Turn Your Passion into Your Personal Brand


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