Tragedy. Social Media. The Human Touch.

When tragedy strikes from an earthquake, to wildfires to plane crashes, Social Media can get you right into the thick of it connecting you with loved ones and getting crucial information out to the masses. It’s a powerful tool that has significantly changed how we communicate.

But….when a personal tragedy occurs, like the sudden loss of a loved one, we need more than Facebook and emails. Although it can be a tremendous comfort to hear from long lost friends and even people across the world we’ve never met, nothing, and I mean NOTHING replaces a phone call and especially a hug.

My first hand experience has opened my eyes to our new, globally connected world. When I lost my treasured brother, suddenly and tragically last week, I immediately I posted the news on Facebook. It was incredible.  People from across the globe chimed in. All the prayers and loving thoughts expressed have given me such peace of mind.

But, when that phone rings and a friend calls just to “check in” ….That’s priceless. A shot of comfort like no other. Except for the human touch..a hug…arms wrapped around that say without words, “Everything will be okay.”

SizzleCaster Tip: When you get word of a loved one or friend who’s been thrown into a crisis…Make a call. You don’t have to say anything but “I was thinking about you. Are you okay?” It will make all the difference in the world and may even take away some of the pain.

-Tracy Pattin


One Response to “Tragedy. Social Media. The Human Touch.”

  1. […] I passionately believe in the power of the human touch (as I wrote about in my recent post Tragedy. Social Media. The Human Touch.) and in the importance of a phone call or a visit from a friend in time of grief, the NEXT best […]

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