Social Media/New Media Tools and Healing from Tragedy

It’s been two weeks ago today since my beloved brother’s sudden death. The two worst weeks of my life. The two most profound weeks of my life. As I begin the healing process, I turn to Social Media/New Media tools to express my grief, my coping and my insights. I’m able to document this journey and to share it with others in hopes of helping those confronted with a similar challenge.

Although is about personal branding, there is a connection. I help people communicate in an authentic way as they turn their passion into their unique brand. Losing a loved one takes us to new layers of ourselves. It’s within those layers that can we find who we really are. When we do that, it can lead to more authenticity in other parts of our lives. We’re building on our story of what makes us…us.

Here’s how you can use Social Media/New Media tools to navigate the grieving process.

•Blogging. Try to write in the moment or as close to it for the most authenticity. When a particular situation comes up or a strong feeling arises, share it in a blog.

•Video Blogging. This can be more challenging. When you’re going through immense grief, you may want to keep it private. But if you feel like sharing your thoughts on camera, this can be very cathartic. You can publish it or NOT. Just the experience of recording the moment can help you process your grief.

•Podcasts. If you’re not comfortable with video, audio is a great way to express yourself. You can even have someone interview you and turn it into a discussion.

•Internet Radio. I have a Blog Talk Radio show and I’ve woven this unfolding experience to the show. The theme, “Adventurize Your Midlife” is a good fit. Each week I share a little about my current journey.

(Note: These are just suggestions. They DO NOT take the place of a grief counselor or a support group. Those are valuable tools as well).

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-Tracy Pattin


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