When YOU get CLEAR. They’ll get YOU… and YOUR BRAND

During a brainstorming session the other day (we all need brainstorm partners) it suddenly hit me in a moment of clarity…Building a brand is about getting clear. Clear about who you are and what you want, what your message is and why you’re sharing it. The “how” works itself out.

As I reflect on the past year, I realize it was in that moment, in the midst of all the video producing, podcast creating, blog writing, interviewing, hosting and social media strategizing that I could clearly define what I was doing…Personal Branding.  Now I had the big picture. Now I could plug in the steps to build a personal brand. And the first one, was my own!

Once I understood that, the opportunities started to grow and flow.

We need to create the big picture, that vision, first. It’s starting with the end in mind. Then we need to fill in the details to succeed in realizing our dreams. Whether it’s a small business, a powerful message, or a global movement  to make the world a better place, it’s in that crystal clear moment, when you fully understand your intention that you open the flood gates to unlimited possibility.

-Tracy Pattin

Today’s Tracy Tips: To get clear, ask yourself, “Why am I starting up/creating/producing this endeavor?” Then ask yourself “What do I ultimately want from this experience?” After answering those questions, you will have your big picture. Now you can start building your brand implementing the steps, the ingredients you need to make it happen. And don’t forget about the PASSION.

Click here to find out how to turn your passion into your personal brand.


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