Building Your Personal Brand with an Intro Video

The best way to build your personal brand is to get personal. And one of the most effective ways, other than meeting people face to face, is with a 1 minute introduction video. A video appeals to our audio and visual senses, so it makes a bigger impact rather than simply having your bio written out in text form. Besides, we’re all distracted, compartmentalized and just plain busy busy busy these days. Who has time to comb through more written content? So with that, here’s a sample of an intro personal branding video I just produced yesterday for Relationship Confidant, Jonathon Aslay.

-Tracy Pattin

Click here to find out how your can TURN YOUR PASSION into your PERSONAL BRAND.


One Response to “Building Your Personal Brand with an Intro Video”

  1. I want a personal video! help me lady pattise!

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