ebooks vs. old books

Right on the heels of my interview with epublisher, Marci Baun of WildChildPublishing, CNN did a piece today on Borders Books filing chapter 11 and the future of books. The good news is reading is here to stay, the other news is, people are reading differently in this high tech, digital download world.

According to CNN, there were 1 billion downloads in 2010. A huge indicator that ebooks are on the rise. And, the Kindle was the top seller in 2010 on Amazon.com.

Like so many aspects of this world of expanding technology, the human touch is still key as I recently wrote about in Superbowl Commercials and The Simple Human Story. So we will always love a great story, but how we get that story is changing rapidly.

eBooks aren’t going to replace old books, they’ll just live side by side. But we can’t ignore this revolution (just like we couldn’t ignore the political revolution in Egypt). Like all rapidly expanding technology, we must be open to it and embrace it, just like a good book.

-Tracy Pattin


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