A Teen’s POV of Facebook

They say that teens don’t like Twitter. But they love Facebook. So much so, that this brilliant teen (Blair Horner) did a class project analyzing Facebook and its value to society. He uses low tech concepts like fire, cement truck, even eggs, to shed light on Facebook’s impact. Here’s what he wrote:

F= fire
A= apps
C= cement truck
E= eggs
B= business (wall street)
O= ocean
O= operating system (facebook blue)
K= knowledge (brain)

F: Fire
Facebook has taken part in sparking revolutions worldwide. In Egypt for example, Facebook helped start a historic revolution and spread the news throughout the country like wild fire. Had Facebook not been present, Egyptian citizens would not have been able to notify each other about the uprising, and it would not have been as
A: Apps

Facebook is not just for talking with friends and seeing their photos. Facebook has a multitude of applications that incorporate social media. Farmville for example is a farming game on Facebook in which you can farm with your friends and trade supplies. Facebook has done a great job in using entertainment to connect friends. Facebook also has it’s own application for iPhones. The app gives Facebook a mobile experience that keeps users notified about what’s happening online.

C: Cement truck  

Facebook has laid and is still laying the foundation for social media. Never before has there existed a social networking site as popular and original as Facebook. With its massive database of users and worldly recognition, Facebook has laid the cement, or ground work, for future means of social media.

E: Egg  

Facebook hatched as a small tool for university students to stay connected. After years of existence, Facebook developed into a revolutionary service known by all. To me, Facebook isn’t just a website that helps me stay in touch with friends; Facebook is an inspiration. Facebook’s story of going from unimportant to legendary, and Mark Zuckerberg’s persistence and hope inspires my future career in business and in my life. Facebook started as an egg, but is no chicken today. Facebook is simply extraordinary.

B: Business (Wall Street)  

Facebook not only benefits people, but it benefits businesses as well. Through advertisements, “pages,” and “likes,” businesses take full advantage of Facebook and its amenities. While targeting the many youthful Facebook users, clothing companies like Pacsun are among the several companies that advertise on Facebook.

O: Ocean  

Like the ocean connects all the continents, Facebook connects people all over the world. Facebook has the ability to introduce people to one another through similar “likes” and tastes. Facebook improved our means of staying in-touch, communicating, sharing, and feeding friendships. According to my English class’s survey, almost 80% of us believe Facebook reinforces our current friendships. The world should give thanks to Facebook for allowing us to stay connected with one another, whether you’re in the revolting Cairo or across the sea on the coast of Palos Verdes.

O: Operating System (Facebook blue)  

Facebook has a unique operating system. It’s ease of use and modern user face entices all ages. Like Apple’s OSX Leopard and Snow Leopard operating systems, Facebook is simple yet attractive. Facebook’s blue font and “F” logo are widely known and recognized. The movie, The Social Network, for example, used Facebook’s blue color and font in the title. Viewers associated The Social Network’s title with Facebook without even having seen the movie. The looks and simplicity of the Facebook website alone remain some of Facebook’s attractions.

K: Knowledge (brain)  

From the beginning, Facebook has been a source of knowledge for users. Whether its knowledge about your friend’s whereabouts, knowledge about a business, or knowledge about a revolution, Facebook is a hub for information. The interesting and unique aspect of Facebook is the way in which Facebook allows users to display this information. Wall posts, pictures, advertisements, and games are among the many ways Facebook harnesses its users’ crave for information and implicates that crave through many captivating facets.


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