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It’s all about the story. We remember stories. We learn through stories. We change because of stories. As an Immersion Journalist/New Media Producer (video, audio and the written word) I immerse myself in other people’s stories to get their message out to the world.

For several years I’ve been immersed in the world of voice-over ( interviewing people (for podcasts) from all parts of the industry, from celebrities (Michael York, Alfred Molina, Brian Unger) to casting directors, talent agents (Jeff Jones, Vox USA) producers and even the voice of Porky Pig, Bob Bergen. Recently I produced this video of The Screen Actors Guild Foundation’s Grand Opening for The Don LaFontaine Voice-Over Lab, getting comments and stories from the attendees.

I also produce (and host) web documentaries (wokumentaries) to help get the message out, like cancer thriver/extreme cyclist, Elaine Gold’s adventure back to health. She cycled 40 miles round trip to each chemotherapy session. I was privileged to ride with her and share her story on two of her “Chemo Rides.”

Ring Shui ( Feng Shui for ring placement) is Author/Speaker Barbara Berg’s passion. She shares her insights on everything from  Getting What You Want to Getting The Job You Want to Getting The Relationship You Want in the Entrepreneurial Branding Videos I produced for her.

Those are just some of the stories and entrepreneurial messages I’ve helped to get out to the masses for clients. That combined with my on-camera hosting of my internet shows: New Media Tea Time, Sizzle in The Middle and coming soon, Adventurize Your Midlife rounds out my background to help you communicate your message powerfully and effectively.

My passion is the story. Everyone has one. And it’s a powerful and an authentic way to get them to know YOU.

“Now is the time”says internet sensation (and author of Crush It! on personal branding via the internet) Gary Vaynerchuk of Wine Library TV . Gary shouts from the rooftops about this new thrilling way of sharing content, your message, your ideas, your business, your service.

I’m currently producing and hosting my own project, “Adventurize Your Midlife.”  A Web TV Series where I go into the “Adventure Field”  and gather stories about reinventing our lives after 40 and beyond. (coming soon to cyberspace!).

-Tracy Pattin



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