Shout Outs!

“My interview with Tracy was just about the best I’ve ever had. She was prepared and made me feel very comfortable.”

Alfred Molina, Film, TV, Broadway Actor

Working with Tracy was a dream come true. She has the right balance of finessing the details while keeping everything moving forward. Tracy has both the experience and the instincts that combine to give you the best possible outcome for your efforts. She is open to dialog, gives great constructive critiques and manages to keep you smiling the whole time. I can’t recommend her enough, I want her working with me on any project I do.

Lisa Greenfield.

Tracy is a highly motivated and incredibly creative individual who is unstoppable when asked to think up new ways of marketing. I’ve worked side-by-side Tracy on several projects over the past 4 years at, Inc. Tracy continues to produce high quality audio AND video Podcasts for our voice-over industry.


Tracy has a gift for finding, listening and sharing other people’s stories. She brilliantly combines her love of storytelling with her new media expertise with both video and audio. She is an engaging interviewer who will give you a professional finished product so you can share your story.

Mary Hoffman, The Work of the

I had so much fun being interviewed by Tracy for First Tuesday Internet TV.  She asked great leading questions and I was able to convey my message to the audience in an easy, well-understood manner.  Tracy is in her element in front of the camera and made me feel at home, too!

Stephanie Radkay,

Tracy is one of a kind!  She produced a testimonial video for a women’s dating seminar I did with David Wygant which was fantastic!  Not only did Tracy capture people’s reactions to the seminar but she edited it in a way that you felt like you were there.  Tracy has a unique ability to ask people questions that really provoke a genuine and heartfelt response.  I am asked all of the time who did my video as people are consistently blown away!  Thanks Tracy for creating a way to send my information out to the masses and taking my business to a new level!

Kimberly Seltzer,

Image Expert/Dating Coach/Matchmaker



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